Trigger Immune TCM Conc. (30 caps)

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This formula supports the immune system by supplying nutrients and supporting the circulatory system. Known in traditional Chinese medicine as 'sheng mai' which means to 'generate the pulse. Trigger Immune is considered a general tonic formula. Processed food and diet lacking in fresh fruits, vegetables, and probiotics can seriously weaken the immune system over time. In addition, radiation, pollution, and environmental toxins can also weaken immune system.

Ingredients: Astragalus root, ginseng root, epimedium leaf, eucommia bark, ganoderma mushroom, lycium fruit, rehmannia root tuber, achyranthes root, tang-kuei root, atractylodes rhizome, citrus peel, hoelen sclerotium, ligustrum fruit, ophiopogon root tuber, peony root without bark, polygala root, schisandra fruit and licorice root.

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