Mood Elevator (100 caps)

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This formula supports the liver and may help promote positive mood. In addition it may also support lymphatic, nervous, and circulatory systems. This formula contains 17 herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine to regulate and untrap the chi. Its Chinese name jie yu means “relieve anxiety and tension.” The liver helps filter the blood and a clean liver can help ensure positive mood.

Ingredients: Perilla leaves, cyperus rhizome, chih-shih fruit, typhonium rhizome, aurantium peel, bamboo sap, bupleurum root, .cnidium rhizome, gambir stem, hoelen sclerotium, ophiopogon root tuber, ginger rhizome, ginseng root, platycodon root, tang-kuei root, coptis rhizome and licorice root.

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