Free Amino Acids (60 tabs)

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This formula assists in muscle tissue maintenance. These amino acids help develop and maintain solid muscle tissue. They support muscle strength and endurance by aiding the muscular cell system.

Ingredients: Two tablets provide: Magnesium (oxide, aspartate)- 106mg, l-Glutamic Acid- 140mg, l-Carnitine- 100mg, l-Leucine*- 100mg, l-Lysine*- 90mg, l-Aspartic acid- 88mg, l-Valine*- 70mg, l-Isoleucine*- 56mg, l-Phenylalanine*- 56mg, l-Threonine*- 56mg, l-Proline- 45mg, l-Alanine- 44mg, l-Serine- 41mg, l-Tyrosine- 30mg, l-Methionine*- 29mg, l-Arginine- 22mg, l-Cystine- 21mg, Glycine- 16mg, l-Histidine- 16mg, l-Tryptophan*- 14mg, plus hydrolyzed whey protein. *Essential amino acids formulated to meet the FAO/WHO amino acid pattern.

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